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Kiama Independent Our History in Print

To celebrate the new millennium, in the year 2000 The Kiama Independent published a 14-part supplement to tell the story of the history of the Kiama area since European settlement.

'The supplement will appear monthly in the Independent throughout 2000 and will feature valuable, historical information which maps not only the physical development of the Kiama Municipality, but also the social and cultural progress through the ages. Specific focus will be on the 140 years following Kiama's proclamation as a municipality in 1859.'


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1930-1939: this period marked the Great Depression. Government funded employment programs saw the Olympic Baths on Pheasant Point built, Jubilee Park was regraded and a new pavillion was built at Gerringong. Kiama District Hospital was officially opened at Bonaira.The Kiama CWA and Gerringong Golf Club were both formed. The Kiama Showgraound Pavillion was burned to the ground. Orry Kelly was becoming known for his fashions and Sir Charles Kingsford Smith placed Gerringong on the map when he took off on Seven Mile Beach for his historic flight to New Zealand.

 1960-1969: Tribute to the Kiama Independent proprietor, Bert Weston, who passed away. The old Kiama Independent building in Shoalhaven St was replaced with a new building. There was a population and housing boom during this period. Kiama Heights  and Kiama Downs subdivisions were established. The original historical Black Beach figtree was destroyed in a storm. The old catholic church was demolished and the new architecturally designed church was constructed. Kiama's first motel was constructed. Hartwell House was purchased by Barnardo's Homes.

1970s-1990s : Minnamurra subdivision and the Gainsborough Estate subdivision were developed during the 1970s. Kiama opened their first pre-school. Various historical buildings were either demolished or saved from demolition. The telephone exchange closed down and phone numbers switched to an automated service. Bluehaven and Mayflower Retirement Villages started to be built. The Bombo sewerage plant was established.
The 1980s was a decade of devlopment. The Retirement Villages were completed, the Leisure Centre was built, the Kiama bypass was constructed.

A section on the Aborigines of Kiama from 1797-1933.

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As a supplement to this information, the University of Wollongong Thesis Collection provides a history of Kiama from 1901 to 1931.