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1. Overview 

Custom design and create your own gifts, toys, art, jewellery or practical objects @ Kiama Library with our 3D printing service.

Kiama Library has two Flashforge Inventor II printers that use plant-based plastic PLA filament in a large variety of colours - perfect for hobbyists or first-time users.

Simply design your own object (using a free design platform such as Tinkercad), or download a ready-made design (have a look at what's available on Thingiverse), and send us the file, and we will let you know how much it costs to print before we go ahead. 

2. How do I make a 3D model?

Design from scratch: use free CAD (computer-aided design) web-based software, such as Tinkercad, Fusion 360, FreeCAD or Meshmixer to design your own 3D model.

From the cloud: try downloading 3D models other designers have shared, from popular websites such as Thingiverse

Or, if you have the right equipment or software, try scanning existing objects into 3D.

3. Cost and payment

The cost to print is $5 set-up fee (includes first hour of printing), plus $2 per additional hour, charged in 15-minute increments. Large, multi-piece projects will be added together and given one final cost. Fees are calculated and paid up front.

Customers are responsible for the cost associated with errors in the file, incorrect files and breakage of parts due to insufficient strength or mishandling.

4. What can be printed?


The library uses plant-based PLA bio filament derived from renewable sources, which is odourless and less toxic for people and the environment.


3D objects can be printed in one colour only (e.g., black, red, white, blue, pink, green, yellow, silver, glow-in-the-dark or flexible filament, based on current availability – ask at the front desk).


The maximum print size (mm) is: 140 (L) X 150 (W) X 140 (H)


Objects can be printed at low, standard or high resolution (Flashforge Inventor II prints between 50-400 microns layer resolution - 50 being ultra-high quality and 400 low quality). Note, the print quality affects print time and cost.

Print time limits

Print time is limited to library opening hours as the 3D printer cannot operate unattended.

Appropriate usage

Kiama Library reserves the right to reject any print request we deem inappropriate (e.g., designs that are illegal, unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or otherwise inappropriate for the library environment, or that violate copyright, patent or trademark protection).

5. How do I print my 3D object?

Drop your completed 3D printing request(PDF, 520KB) form into Kiama Library, and staff will review your saved design with you, provide a total cost and estimated time of job completion, and prepare your print. Unfortunately, same-day printing cannot be assured.

Completed 3D designs must be supplied in .stl format (we will add any necessary supports for printing).

All work must be saved to a flash drive or emailed to library@kiama.nsw.gov.au

Library staff are not responsible for the design, clean-up or refinement of 3D models – customers must resolve any design issues.

Services 3D printing

6. Collecting your printed model

Once your model is complete you will be notified via phone or email. All objects must be collected from the Kiama Library branch. The library will only hold onto finished objects for two weeks.

All models are supplied with supports intact (raw off bed). Large, multi-piece projects will be supplied as individual pieces to be constructed by the patron.

The Library is not responsible for fault in the design leading to failure in printing.

7. Need help getting started?

3D modelling workshops are scheduled periodically by the library – please check our website or inquire at the front desk.