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kiamalibrary There are still spaces left in our Seniors Week Friday Flicks film screening on Friday 10th March from 3.30pm... fb.me/1PogzBzXM
01:27AM Feb 23
kiamalibrary When I was young, I used to roam, for I was hard as nails; I humped my swag along the track in sunny New South... fb.me/57XnEAh2M
06:23AM Feb 21
kiamalibrary fb.me/VCorCB04
03:50AM Feb 18
kiamalibrary fb.me/8LQvPyAsp
12:15AM Feb 17
kiamalibrary fb.me/YXIHeGHG
12:15AM Feb 17
kiamalibrary Passenger train and freight train on Railway Bridge at Kiama. View from Hindmarsh Park through to Kiama Harbour.
11:59PM Feb 16
kiamalibrary It's World Read Aloud Day 2017. Help children journey to that uniquely precious place: the wilds of their own... fb.me/4TrkQsIdw
11:37PM Feb 15
  • Local History Articles

    • Tram to Nowhere

      Tram to Nowhere

      Kiama’s first basalt quarry was at Pike’s Hill on the western fringe of town. The extraction and...

    • History of Photography

      History of Photography

      Photographic art was introduced to Kiama in the 1860s by travelling photographers who used the wet...

    • Red cedar

      Red cedar

      Red cedar (Toona ciliata) was known as red gold amongst the first Europeans who ventured into the...

    • Minnamurra Falls

      Minnamurra Falls

      The Minnamurra Falls has been a popular picnic spot since the 1870's and was known about since the...

    • Dry stone walls

      Dry stone walls

      Dry stone walls are sometimes a prominent feature of the Australian landscape and are found most...

    • Brief history of Kiama Council

      Brief history of Kiama Council

        DateEvent 27 October 1858 Municipalities Act 1858 passed. 24 November 1858 A meeting on motion of...

    • Kiama Show

      Kiama Show

      One of the Municipality’s residents remembers having to walk the family show cattle to town from...

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