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06:44AM Dec 05
kiamalibrary Bookings for our Summer School Holiday activities open today! All of our events are free, and include craft,... fb.me/47O3VqR5G
10:51PM Dec 03
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12:52AM Dec 02
kiamalibrary The Mayor's Giving Tree will be at the library until 6 December - please make sure donated toys are new and... fb.me/2wXapNMJW
04:17AM Nov 30
kiamalibrary Do you believe in Ghosts? Have you ever heard about the dark side of Minnamurra's history.......'The Bloody Mile'... fb.me/1JKyMKhdi
03:52AM Nov 30
kiamalibrary 'I had seen her walking in the park Before today. I watched her gazing at reflections in the pool, Sad, alone.... fb.me/7hPyGQ2hN
06:18AM Nov 28
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01:53AM Nov 25
  • Local History Articles

    • Foxground


      Foxground was originally known as "The Flying Foxes Camping Ground". It is a scenic valley, north...

    • Gerringong Library History

      Gerringong Library History

      In April 1874 Gerringong Council voted to establish a free library in Gerringong since the one in...

    • Pilot’s cottage

      Pilot’s cottage

      With the departure in 1978 of AW Triffit, the last pilot to live there, the Kiama Pilot’s Cottage...

    • Holiday Fun

      Holiday Fun

      In November 1887, people gathered to watch Charles Jackson known as the ‘Australian Blondin’...

    • Farming


      The countryside around the Kiama region is synonymous with dairy farming although there were many...

    • Man crosses blowhole on tightrope

      Man crosses blowhole on tightrope

      What was the most interesting thing you saw in Kiama during the summer holidays? In January 1889,...

    • Gerringong Soldiers' Memorial Hall

      Gerringong Soldiers' Memorial Hall

      The Gerringong Soldiers' Memorial Hall history is interesting and a rich source of military...

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