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Welcome to our MobilePrint Service. Print documents, files and web pages from your Internet connected device to our Library printer.

Print from home or anywhere (as long as you have an Internet connection), and come to the library within 48 hours to pay for and release your printing.

Note, some Apple file formats are not supported (e.g., Pages) and need to be converted to PDF - see link for supported file formats.

There is also a 50MG file size limit.

There is no additional software required. Simply follow these steps:


Print from a computer

Step 1.Go to PrinterOn

Step 2.Select your printer preferences

Page size, colour and single or double-sided

Step 3.Enter your email address

Used to identify your print job when you collect it

Step 4.Attach your file for printing and click 'Play' (ie forward arrow)

Step 5.Select number of copies etc and click 'Play'

Step 6.Agree to the price and click 'Print'

Step 7.Collect and pay for your printing at the library

Print from a mobile device

Step 1.Download the PrinterOn app from App Store or Google Play

Or to print via a browser, use the instructions from 'Print from a computer'

Step 2.Send your document to the app, or attach it from within the app

Step 3.Select your printing preferences

Type 'KML' in the search box and select your printing preferences

Step 4.Enter your email address and click the 'tick' in the top right of the screen 

This will be used to identify your print job when you come to pay and release it from the library

Step 5.Head to the library within 48 hours to pay for and release your print job