Justice of the Peace service

Kiama Library offers a volunteer Justice of the Peace (JP) service every Saturday morning 10 am - 12 pm. This is a free drop-in service, no appointments necessary. 

JPs primarily witness a person making a statutory declaration or an affidavit, or certify that a copy of an original document is a true and accurate copy. The library offers a private setting to carry out these services.

The JPs volunteering at the library are trained and up to date with legal requirements. They are able to: certify documents, statutory declarations and affidavits, DNA forms, superannuation and hardship forms, NSW mortgage documents, and penalty notices and fines, and sign the back of passport pictures. In addition, there is a contact directory at the library front desk with a listing of all the JPs in the Shoalhaven branch of the NSW Justices Association that people can access at any time.

The Justice of the Peace service is a highly requested service within our community. Our new Saturday morning service complements the weekday service offered by Service NSW and other local businesses and organisations.  


Volunteer Justice of the Peace service