Local history

 The Local Studies Collection collects, catalogues and preserves materials that relate to the local settlement and development of the area along with the family history of the local council area. The materials collected are relevant to the social, industrial and economic, and political heritage development of the LGA of Kiama.

The collection contains information and memorabilia of lasting value about the local area. The types of information included in the collection are historical and contemporary culture, natural history, geographical, political and social issues, local government information, information about local community organizations, businesses, images, oral history and news.

The collection includes both published and unpublished materials in hard copy and digital formats of the following:
• Books
• Newspapers
• Photographs
• Reports
• Maps
• Pamphlets / ephemera
• Memorabilia
• Donated items from residents and others that relate to the historical value of the collection

We have a Digital Asset Management database called Explore Kiama's Past that hosts our photographs, a full collection of the Council Minutes for the LGA and any other documents.

The collection does not include Family History and Genealogy records and research material and databases; with the exception of families that relate to the development of the Kiama Municipal area.
Family History and Genealogy research information and assistance are provided by the Kiama Family History Centre.

Information collected about local families and individuals are limited to the municipality. Biographies about local authors’ and their works are collected, rather than their works. Other materials that are set in the Kiama Municipality and also collected for the Local Studies collection are:
• Novels
• DVD/Videos
• Oral histories, and
• Children’s books

The collection is available for you to use at any time when the library is open, however, the collection is not available for loan.