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The Find Legal Answers Tool Kit is a collection of up to twenty plain-English books about the law, produced by the State Library of New South Wales and available at Kiama Library.

Titles include:

  • Companion animal law guide New South Wales.  2nd ed
  • Defend yourself: facing a charge in court.  3rd ed
  • The family law handbook.  4th ed
  • Fined out: a practical guide for people having problems with fines.  4th ed
  • Guilty your honour: representing yourself in NSW local courts when charged with drink driving.  3rd ed
  • How to run your own court case:  a practical guide to representing yourself in Australian courts and tribunals (non-criminal cases)
  • Just a piece of paper?  Making your AVO work for you.  4th ed
  • The law handbook: your practical guide to the law in New South Wales.  14th ed
  • Neighbours and the law. 2nd ed
  • Rest assured: a legal guide to wills, estates and funerals in New South Wales.  5th ed
  • Seniors guide to consumer rights in NSW
  • Sexual assault: your rights and the law
  • Speaking for myself: planning for later life decision-making
  • Strata living: get involved
  • Tenants’ rights manual: a practical guide to renting in NSW.  4th ed
  • Women and family law.  10th ed
  • Youth justice: your guide to cops and court in NSW.  4th ed

Free pamphlets are also available at Kiama Library.

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Get legal help online that’s free and easy to understand. Find Legal Answers has a great selection of topic-specific resources, advice on how to get started, and links to relevant legal services.