Dementia Friendly Collection

Dementia-Friendly-Kiama-page-image.pngKiama Council's dementia-friendly resources provide information to local residents on living with dementia.


    What's in the collection?

    Items include DVDs, biographies, cookbooks and even children’s picture books to increase understanding among friends or family of people living with dementia.

    Titles include:

    • Living With Dementia: A Practical Guide for Families and Their Carers
    • Dementia with Dignity
    • Don't Give Me Eggs That Bounce
    • Maintain your Brain: The latest medical thinking on what you can do to avoid dementia

    There is also a selection of take-home help sheets and brochures, including What is Dementia? and 5 Simple Steps to Maximise Your Brain Health.


    How does it help people?

    We know that with knowledge we have power, and this collection aims to support people living with dementia to live a healthy and full life with dignity. It will also provide resources for family and friends to learn more about the disease and how they can support the person living with dementia to have the best possible outcomes. Resources like 5 Simple Steps to Maximise Your Brain Health can be useful for people of all ages to make sure we are doing all we can to protect our most valuable asset.


    Where can I access the collection? 

    You can access items from the dementia-friendly collection at four locations throughout the municipality:

    • Kiama Library
    • Gerringong Library
    • Blue Haven Village, Kiama
    • Kiama Community Centre, Hindmarsh Park, Kiama

    The collections held in Blue Haven and Kiama Community Centre have titles that are specifically aimed at increasing the knowledge of people directly supporting someone with dementia. 


    More information

    For more information on how Kiama Council is supporting our community living with dementia, click here, or find out about Kiama's 'Dementia Alliance Group' .

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