Frequently asked questionsThis is a collection of frequently asked questions about the Library.

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Books and catalogue

Can I borrow books from other libraries?

Can I reserve an item online?

Does the library have ebooks and audio books?

How do I find out what is happening at the library?

How long can I borrow library items?

How long will a reserved item take to get to me?

How many items can I borrow?

I am a member of another library. Can I borrow from Kiama Library?

I know someone who is unable to come into the library to borrow. Can you help?

Is it possible to get an extension of my loan?

What is my User ID and Password to access the catalogue?


General Info

Can I volunteer at the library?

Do you have any activities for children?

What are your opening hours?

Who can join the library?


Library Services

Can anyone use the library public computers?

Can I access my email and what is the cost to do this?

Can I charge my device somewhere at the library?

Can I get a document scanned, photocopied or printed at the library?

Does the library have wifi?

I am new to Kiama. Do you have local area information I can use as a newcomer to Kiama?

What is available online regarding local history of the Kiama district?

When does storytime take place?