Lucky’s / Andrew Pippos

Blue, white, red and yellow illustration of a man wearing an apron and women in a blue shirt (pictured from behind) looking up at an art deco sign on a Greek Cafe that says Lucky's is a story of family.
A story about migration.
It is also about a man called Lucky.
His restaurant chain.
A fire that changed everything.
New Yorker article which might save a career.
The mystery of a missing father.
An impostor who got the girl.
An unthinkable tragedy.
A roll of the dice.
And a story of love - lost, sought and won again (at last).


Praise for Lucky's

'Andrew Pippos has written an unforgettable epic with Australian humour and Greek tragedian turns on every page. Such skill and heart and love pulses through this debut!' Alice Pung

'A sweeping, sprawling family epic of heartbreak, hope, and redemption. This is the debut of a born storyteller.' Liam Pieper

'Affecting, authentic and tender, Lucky's reminds us that serendipity and salvation can be found in the best kinds of fiction.' Rebecca Starford

'A gorgeous novel of wonderful characters, Lucky's is the real deal and I didn't want it to stop. I was so caught up in the casual charm of this book that I kept being sideswiped by the excellent turns of its plot, and the wise, sometimes disturbing things it has to say about fate, luck and family over the sweep of decades.' Ronnie Scott

'From the first pages of this debut novel, it is clear that we are in the hands of a wise, perceptive, and highly-skilled storyteller. Pippos brilliantly distills multiple stories to those pure moments of love, despair, passion and folly that make up the essence of a life, and his fierce and fragile characters will remain in your heart long after the final page. The writing is fresh and fairly crackles with energy. Lucky's is one of the best Australian novels I've read in years!' Emily Bitto

'Crisp and evocative' Rick Morton

'A mouthwatering tale that encapsulates family drama, true crime and Greek tragedy - with pathos-filled characters that pop' Guardian

'A hugely entertaining, tender, rollicking yarn. Part immigration story, part love story, part adventure, it's a multi-layered original Australian story.' Sydney Morning Herald

'Lucky's is a bold novel, both backwards- and forwards-looking, a strong start to a career, and a timely reminder that an individual's life story can be quietly vast.' The Australian

'Pippos writes towards myth while grounding his book in deeply human themes. Lucky's is concerned with the stories we tell ourselves and the chasm between fact and fiction, the space where happiness may lie.' Australian Book Review


About the author

Andrew Pippos spent part of his childhood getting underfoot in his family's Greek-Australian café. When he grew up, he worked in newspapers and taught in universities. This is his first novel, and it packs in everything he knows about growing up in a noisy, complicated, loving family. He lives in Sydney.


NSW Reads Lucky's

Blue, white, red and yellow art deco illustration of sign on a Greek Cafe that says

NSW Public Libraries invites book lovers from across the state to join us in reading Lucky’s by Andrew Pippos this summer and to come together to discuss it, creating a shared experience through reading. 

We've got some great activities and events lined up - competitions with prizes, live Instagram read-alongs in January, a panel discussion and display on Greek Australian milk bars, an author talk with Andrew Pippos on 17 February, and more.

Visit our NSW Reads Lucky's page to find out how to get involved.