Due to the circumstances of the time, record keeping and records were not diligently kept nor comprehensive in many cases. Our WW1 Project intends to research these stories of soldiers as best we can, describing their lives before, during and after the war and paint a picture of what it must have been like to go through the experience of WW1.

The “Illawarra Remembers” blog www.illawarraremembers.com.au is where you will find engaging stores relating to World War One in the Illawarra area. The visitor to this site now has the capability to add their own stories to Illawarra Remembers.

Born and enlisted

Confusion reigned at the times of recruitment. Soldiers born in the Kiama District could enlist in the different places they were at the time war was declared. Others were recruited in Kiama even though being born elsewhere. These lists are available for perusal.

Featured Stories

Every now and then the library is fortunate to have material donated to the collection, including images, letters, service records and other memorabilia. The following stories are compiled from this donated material. They provide a record of what these brave souls endured.

Edward Stewart

lest-we-forgetEdward Stewart - a remarkable life


Soldier's Stories

The following list of stories are from those who answered the call in WW1. They tell of their adventures, their family's experiences and the military lives they led. 

Not all soldiers stories are told here. To learn more about the soldiers listed on the honour rolls around the district it is recommended you select their names from the lists provided.

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Farquharson brothers



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