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At Kiama Library we wish to provide an excellent service to anyone wishing to sign up for Home Library, and provide an outlet for people who often feel life is passing them by.

We do this with our Home Library service and other community programs such as our "Lets Talk About..." program. "Lets Talk About..." is a resource based off a Victorian initiative that has helped in many nursing homes and hostels.  It allows the residents of residential care to have input into themed discussions and listen to volunteers reading from a particular book (one that residents will probably remember from their younger days), discussing historical events and childhood memories. This enables residents to share stories and enjoy a great social event.


Who is eligible?

Who is eligible?  anonymous

Our service supports those in the community who are no longer able to get to the library in person. This could be due to:

   Suffering from an illness either on a short or long term basis.

   Recovering from an operation

   Unable to carry library books home.

   Elderly and frail

   Carers who cannot easily leave home

   New mothers who are unable to come to the library

   There is no age limit to our service. If you are 10 or 100 and enjoy reading we will do our best to give you the best service possible.