Fokl postersThese posters are made with great imagination and are displayed to celebrate the creative work of Gill Spooner, editor of FOKL Points, FOKL's popular newsletter.

This page is used to display the fantastic posters used to advertise the events FOKL organises.

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fokl eventThe next FOKL event(s) is listed here. Please contact FOKL or the Library for any further details concerning any events listed on this page.

At times this page may not list any events, but that just means the committee are organising their next interesting event. Stay tuned.


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fokl membershipMembership becomes due for renewal at the end of May each year. Details are included in the Friend's brochure, which provides information about meeting arrangements and membership benefits.

If you are interested in becoming a member of The Friends of the Kiama Library, application forms and renewal forms are available from the Kiama or Gerringong Libraries. Please print out the FOKL Application Form, fill it in and return it to Kiama or Gerringong Libraries. If you would like to contribute, please write what you might like to do on the back of the forms.

Membership rates: It's easy to join as well. 

  Individual membership: $7 pa

  Family membership: $10 pa

  Senior/Pensioner: $5 pa

  Student $5 pa

  Ten year memberships are available at reduced rates.


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fokl-pointsFOKL Points is the Friends' popular newsletter, which is (snail) mailed to members four or five times a year. Contributions are welcome and can be given directly to Gill or Steve or use our contact form and we'll pass it on.

The latest newsletter is available online.



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