This from Kiama Independent, 10th August 1886.

“Situated on the round apex of Blowhole Point, the Kiama lighthouse stands from the sea level to the light at a height of 224 feet.  (It is actually 121 ft  above)The foundation is concrete, 14 feet in depth and 12 feet in diameter; from the bottom of the foundation to the top of the entrance is 16 feet. The height of the building from the floor to the coping is 36 feet, to the light is 40 feet, and to the top of the weather vane is 50 feet. The building is of brick, cemented outside and plastered within. The ascent is accomplished by means of three iron ladders, leading from one storey to another, the staircase being lighted by side lights.”

The original apparatus was an oil burner which was upgraded to local coal gas in 1908.

This was further upgraded to acetylene gas in 1920 and the light was demanned and the cottages removed.

In 1969 the light was converted to 240v mains electricity. A 120v battery bank is used for standby.

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