img-00010This Honour Roll can be found outside the Gerringong Soldier's Hall on the corner of Fern and Belinda Streets, Gerringong. The Gerringong Soldiers Hall has two honour rolls. The Honour Roll displayed here is on the outside of the building, while the other is inside the hall.

You may also enjoy images of memorabilia found inside the hall.

Please click on any soldier's name to find out more about them.

As the history of WW1 is incomplete, the information on this Honour Roll reflects this. Other Honour Rolls display names and initials differently from one Honour Roll to another for a variety of reasons. The information available is similarly incomplete and awaiting further detail.

It should also be noted that many enlistees gave false names, addresses and ages so they could be involved.

All information is from websites offering free information. Research available on fee paying subscrption websites is not published here.

We welcome any information so please contact us regarding any contributions you may have.

The following Honour Rolls are displayed on the outside of the Gerringong Soldier's Hall. There are similarities between the inside and outside rolls, but there are anomolies as well.

The first outside Honour Roll lists those who answered the call, the last Honour Roll lists those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

As an accompaniment, we have published the list of those mentioned on the Gerringong Honour Rolls for your perusal.


Links to Kiama Memorial Arch or Jamberoo Honour Roll or Gerringong Soldier's Hall (Inside) 


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