J-WestonBack in 2000, the Kiama Independent published a "millenium supplement" on Wednesday, March 1, 2000.

"The supplement will appear monthly in the Independent throughout 200 and will feature valuable, historical information which maps not only the physical development of the Kiama Municipality, but also the social and cultural progress through the ages."

"Specific focus will be on the 140 years following Kiama's proclamation as a municipality in 1859"

They are also available to download.

The History of the Kiama Independent is available for perusal as well.

As a supplement to this information, the University of Wollongong Thesis Collection provides a history of Kiama from 1901 to 1931.

Please be patient as the volumes are downloaded for your easy perusal.


Volume 1 February 2000


The History of the Kiama Independent

by the Editor AJ Weston