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kiamalibrary Kiama Local History: 22 February 1949 The “SS Bombo”, blue metal boat out of Kiama, bound for Sydney sinks off... fb.me/1wC9A66s3
11:52PM Feb 22
kiamalibrary fb.me/7QDwjWtq1
07:37AM Feb 20
kiamalibrary "Beauty, midnight, vision dies: Let the winds of dawn that blow Softly round your dreaming head Such a day of... fb.me/9lt1cBmko
06:28AM Feb 20
kiamalibrary 2 SPOTS remain for Friday Flicks tomorrow afternoon! Call us up to book your spots - the film is a light... fb.me/yIl4VAzf
12:39AM Feb 15
kiamalibrary Some spots have opened up for this months Friday Flicks session which is on THIS FRIDAY 3pm 16 Feb. Call the... fb.me/77ZH6cN2o
01:17AM Feb 13
kiamalibrary Kiama Library & Kiama Municipal Council are pleased to announce that we will be running an annual Local History... fb.me/1Y3CEgN48
12:40AM Feb 12
kiamalibrary Ever wanted to join a book club, start your own club, or give your existing club a revamp? The library has just... fb.me/te93Xhht
11:30PM Feb 08
  • Local History Articles

    • Kiama Show

      Kiama Show

      One of the Municipality’s residents remembers having to walk the family show cattle to town from...

    • Brief history of Kiama Council

      Brief history of Kiama Council

        DateEvent 27 October 1858 Municipalities Act 1858 passed. 24 November 1858 A meeting on motion of...

    • Tram to Nowhere

      Tram to Nowhere

      Kiama’s first basalt quarry was at Pike’s Hill on the western fringe of town. The extraction and...

    • Sporting History

      Sporting History

      From the very early days of settlement, sport has played an important part in community life in...

    • Debutante Balls

      Debutante Balls

      Debutante balls were a regular occurrence throughout Australia and were held by the churches and...

    • The Great Fire

      The Great Fire

      In the early hours of Sunday morning, 1st October, 1899, a fire broke out that was to be the most...

    • Quarrying in the Kiama District

      Quarrying in the Kiama District

      The basalt rock of the district was initially used for fences and buildings. Notable basalt...

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