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kiamalibrary So, this is one that alot of people in the municipality will want to contribute to, so read all the way to the... fb.me/ChINvETQ
07:19AM Sep 22
kiamalibrary While the librarians are away the toys will play....... A little bit of "Toy Story" happening in the Library at night!
02:00AM Sep 22
kiamalibrary "I’ve done my share of shearing sheep, Of droving and all that, And bogged a bullock-team as well, On a... fb.me/7rBKNCxx8
07:13AM Sep 19
kiamalibrary Our annual HSC Lock In is now less than a month away! On Wednesday 11th October between 4 - 5.30pm the library... fb.me/1xupWNCOS
12:18AM Sep 19
kiamalibrary The ANT EXPLORER Once a little sugar ant made up his mind to roam - To fare away far away, far away from home.... fb.me/4hC6Y1h7G
08:30AM Sep 12
kiamalibrary Our Wrap With Love Knit In is tomorrow morning at 10.30am - free morning tea provided, we are still taking... fb.me/1fZXxwYuM
03:20AM Sep 06
kiamalibrary Now is the healing, quiet hour that fills This gay, green world with peace and grateful rest. Where lately... fb.me/1eZsn2Uv4
07:21AM Sep 05
  • Local History Articles

    • The Library Fig and other trees

      The Library Fig and other trees

      The fig tree (Ficus macrophylla) is just as much of a symbol of the Kiama District as the...

    • Fire Services in Kiama

      Fire Services in Kiama

      The first call for the establishment of a Kiama Fire Brigade was made in 1878. Nothing further was...

    • Foxground


      Foxground was originally known as "The Flying Foxes Camping Ground". It is a scenic valley, north...

    • Kiama Harbour

      Kiama Harbour

      Kiama Harbour has always been important to the growth and development of the region. The...

    • March to Freedom

      March to Freedom

      The "Rat-a-tat-tat" of the side drum and the "skirl" of the pipes announced the khaki passengers...

    • Kiama Lighthouse

      Kiama Lighthouse

      From the cedar felling days of the 1830s, sea transport had been of major importance to the...

    • Radar Station No 18

      Radar Station No 18

      On the 7 November, 1941, one month before the attack on Pearl Harbour, the RAAF was given full...

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