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kiamalibrary Graham Mackie, local historian and former Kiama resident, has released a new publication title "Kiama and... fb.me/2jrkAUHqc
01:21AM Aug 16
kiamalibrary I posted a new video to Facebook fb.me/1mjQaD4O1
01:12AM Aug 16
kiamalibrary "Suns that set as seasons turn, Flowers grow and wither yet. Who can say what flame may burn, Friends that we... fb.me/36WJEu3hr
07:21AM Aug 15
kiamalibrary Enjoy free morning tea and knit squares for charity! Thursday 7th September, 10.30-12am.... fb.me/1kO1uC3w0
01:17AM Aug 14
kiamalibrary Kiama saw its first motor vehicle on 11th August 1902 and although the driver was on their way to Bega from... fb.me/2hUQKo7Cx
12:03AM Aug 11
kiamalibrary Less than a month till our Wrap With Love Knit In at Kiama Library - free morning tea provided as you knit woolen... fb.me/7ue77SiTX
07:25AM Aug 10
kiamalibrary Another new story now available on StoryBox! fb.me/98Yc5NGwC
03:48AM Aug 10
  • Local History Articles

    • The Great Fire

      The Great Fire

      In the early hours of Sunday morning, 1st October, 1899, a fire broke out that was to be the most...

    • Kiama Court House

      Kiama Court House

      Kiama Court House is a well known building in the Kiama district. The following is the history of...

    • On this day

      On this day

      This list is by no means comprehensive. You are welcome to add to this list by contacting us....

    • Jamberoo


      The cedar getters were the first white people in the Jamberoo Valley, coming in as early as 1810,...

    • Dry stone walls

      Dry stone walls

      Dry stone walls are sometimes a prominent feature of the Australian landscape and are found most...

    • Kiama Agricultural Show

      Kiama Agricultural Show

      The Kiama Show and the Kiama Agricultural Committee has been an important feature of the Kiama and...

    • Quarrying in the Kiama District

      Quarrying in the Kiama District

      The basalt rock of the district was initially used for fences and buildings. Notable basalt...

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