peter manning

The Friends of Kiama Library welcome Peter Manning to talk about his book about Australian artist Janet Venn-Brown in his book, Venn-Brown: A Life In Art.

Australian painter Janet Venn-Brown has led an extraordinary life. Moving to Rome in the early 1960s, she joined a circle of intellectuals and artists, embracing a new identity and style and capturing the streets and buildings of her new home on canvas. As she built a life, a career, and a fascinating social circle in Italy, she also fell in love with a young intellectual, the Palestinian activist Wael Zuaiter.

When Zuaiter was assassinated by Mossad shortly before they were to be married, it changed the shape of her life. But it didn't diminish her love of art. Now in her 90s, Janet is still painting.

An Adjunct Professor of Journalism at University of Technology, Peter Manning has had a remarkable career working for both commercial and public broadcasters.

When  :  2:30pm Saturday 3rd June 

Where  :  Kiama Library Auditorium

Cost  :  Members $5, non-members  $8