What is Assistive Technology?

assistive-tech1Assistive technology is any service or tool that helps the elderly or disabled do the activities they have always done but must now do differently.These tools are also sometimes called "adaptive devices."

Assistive technology can be Lamps, Optical Magnifiers, Handheld Electronic Magnifiers, Desktop Electronic Magnifiers, Magnification with Speech, Stand Alone Scanners/Readers, Computer Connectable Solutions, Low Vision Software Solutions, Blindness Solutions.

As each person’s needs are different, we have provided a list of websites that can assist in researching what specials needs you have.

The list below is not cmprehensive and further research may be required to ensure the special needs of the user are met.

We have also made a very basic list of items that you may not have considered in assisting you to read or listen.

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Some simple solutions for our readers